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              Separated Families

              Helping Families stay togethers is not a political issue, its a humanitarian one.
              We can do our parts by giving the organizations help that are working so hard to reunify children with families.  There are charities like who are doing just that. 
              You can donate to them directly or you can purchase anything on A Charity Store and money will be sent to them with credit to you 

              The items in this collection automatically go to helping the charities for the families!

              Welcome Floor Mat Money Printing Flannel Entrance Carpet 40x60cm - 50X80CM

              Style: EuropeUse: Tablemat,Car,Table,Bar,BathApplication:...

              SOGRACE V8 Bluetooth Smart Watches 1.22 inch Round Smartwatch Fitness Bracelet

              Language: Polish,Russian,Portuguese,Spanish,English,German,Italian,French,TurkishGPS: NoBattery...