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Kobe Bryant has supported the following charities listed on this site:


 Charity Shop is the online store that revolves around helping charities and causes important you everyone involved.
The world lost an idol and we are all mourning. Kobe was amongst many things a philanthropist.
You can help share in the legacy of Kobe by continuing to help the causes that he personally chose and cared about.
When you purchase anything related to Kobe on this site, you send money to a charity that Kobe supported.  

The donation goes in the name of "Mamba Fan".

This charities will continue to receive what they were getting from Kobe and the Bryant family.  

And the Charities will know that they donation came from a fan of Kobe helping to keep his legacy alive.

If you would like your name also added to "Mamba Fan" with the donation, just send us a message with your order number.  All donations  are sent at the end of the month.


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